Frequently Asked Questions

Japanese Maple - Transplanting

Q: We have a sparse, six-foot tall Japanese maple tree that is only a foot or so from the side of our house.  Can we move it?  When would be the best time?

A: You are wise to consider moving your tree from its current location as it would not have a happy life.  The tree can be moved, with January and February being the ideal months to perform this task.  Prior to digging up the tree, its new location should be determined and prepped.  Using a shovel, dig around the tree about a foot and a half from the trunk.  Remove and transport your Japanese maple to the desired location.  Plant the tree with slightly amended soil ensuring the base is a few inches above grade.  A good two inches of mulch should be spread over the planting area.  This helps retain moisture, prevent soil erosion and regulate soil temperature.  Water in with a gallon or two of water.  Regularly monitor the tree to detect any complications that may arise as a result of the move.  If you listen closely, you will hear your Japanese maple say - Thank You.